Critter Crusader

Welcome… to Critter Crusaders!

A tiny service of the World Nature Coalition with the purpose of educating children about wildlife.  That’s it.  Simple, huh?

Nurturing nature knowledge.  Critter Crusaders is our online home just for nature warrior kids …including classroom tools for teachers to impart the majesty of nature!

We are a small off shoot of the World Nature Coalition with one purpose….  We simply provide animal fun pages for children so they can learn more about the amazing creatures with whom we share this spinning rock in space.  That’s it!

Who might find us useful?  Teachers, parents, friends… pretty much anyone who works with kids and wants them to learn more about animals.

Oh, the cost?  That’s the best part… they’re FREE!  We think free is good.  We’ve already had folks ask if they can make a donation to help fund this project, and, although we are honored and appreciate the offer, please take the funds and buy your pet (or a friends pet) a new (safe) toy.  That will make us more happy than anything else we could possibly imagine.

Thanks for downloading Critter Crusaders.  Enjoy!

Asian Elephant
Black and White Lemur
Fennec Fox

Siberian Lynx
Squirrel Monkey
Sumatran Tiger