Marley the Diabetic Detective

Diabetic Detectives

Primates trained for diabetic patients, providing them a means of warning for life-threatening attacks.

Imagine having to stab your finger repeatedly throughout the day just to check your blood sugar levels. For brittle diabetics the inconvenience of glucose checks coupled with the risk of sudden drops in blood glucose levels put them at risk of hypoglycemia or worse.

Marley, a squirrel monkey, is the first primate to be part of a new WNC program that pairs trained primates with people who are brittle diabetics.

Squirrel monkeys are social animals with spring-like limbs and a balancing tail enabling them to climb and jump across their native forested landscapes with ease.

The sensory capabilities of the monkeys allow them to detect physiological changes that flag the sudden onset of a hypoglycemic attack or worse, diabetic coma. They additionally have agility and intelligence surpassing practically any other service animal. Their abilities help them to adapt better to environments and make them practical for the living arrangements of qualified patients.

Participants also gain the companionship of a furry friend. This connection is believed to additionally lower blood pressure and improves the mood of those we assist.

Animals like Marley can improve the lives of those with challenging conditions and that is what really makes this program amazing!