Wild Child Foundation

. . . and her thoughts turned to dreams of dolphins in azure seas  . . . and to baby crocodiles too!

Life can be especially challenging for children with hardships. The Wild Child Foundation seeks to provide lasting moments where a kid can meet an animal they may only have seen on TV. Perhaps they dream of colorfully striped tigers. Maybe they love fuzzy spider monkeys. For many children, the chance to reach out and touch the animal of their dreams will remain just a dream. We at WCF make dreams happen. These safe encounters make a physical connection between child and nature that they will be talking about for years. The children get to meet one animal of their choice from a long list of the most exotic or even endangered wildlife in the world. Depending on the child’s limitations, we may fly the kid out to meet their dream animal or bring the critter to them. WCF makes these arrangements at no expense to the child or their families.

If you would like to nominate a child to the Wild Child Foundation, please fill out the nomination form here.